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News: Best Time To Invest In Gurgaon Real Estate -8/05/2014

Gurgaon is one of the best real estate destinations in the country and its shows an excellent potential. There is huge demand that increased real estate activity in this region. For Gurgaon, there is never a dull period. But after the 2014 LokSabha election, there will be rapid pace of price appreciation in the Realty market of Gurgaon.


This is a good time to buy, especially in projects and locations that would have been difficult to secure in good times. Anything to do with real estate requires to be viewed from a long term perspective. One does not buy a home for short term stay / investment. If you understand it, you will see the rationale that is driving realty developers to continue launching new projects in Gurgaon. For all those who understand the real estate market knows sentiments are positive towards market.


There may be short bursts of correction and stagnation, but business is run with an eye on the long term as the economic growth.  And from that perspective, we do not see Gurgaon’s real estate to slow down. 


This probably will be the best time to buy a house. You can push your builder, broker, dealer or the seller for a better discount. Prices may not fall further. They will stagnate over a period of time and then move up. So, unless you want to be entering the upward rising prices, this maybe a good time to buy your dream house


The common advice to users who want to sell property in Gurgaon is to ‘hold on’ to their investments as this is the time when all positive developments are taking place like improvement in infrastructure, strong economy and better apartments. On a macro level, this is not the best time to sell a property considering the infrastructure is also improving. Unless you have a personal need, do not sell your property. It is a time to hold on.



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